Friday, October 31, 2008

Prop 8 Supporters: Are you jerks, or just unbelievably stupid?

In California next Tuesday, we'll be voting on Proposition 8. Prop 8 is another in the line of hate-filled legislation designed to take away the rights of gays to marry whom they choose. Against this measure will be those of us who believe in decency, fairness, and freedom. In favor of this proposition will be jerks, and unbelievably stupid people.

Let me first present what's on the line here. First, let's look at the actual, tangible, negative things that will happen if Proposition 8 happens:
  • Many people will not be allowed to marry the person they love.
It's one thing, but it's a horrible thing if you're one of the many victims of Prop 8... or, if you're simply someone who believes in the concept of freedom.

Next, here are all of the actual, tangible, positive things that will happen if Proposition 8 passes:

That's it; that's all of the positive changes anybody will see if it passes.

In other words, nothing good will happen if Prop 8 passes.


At all.

But "what about the children"? True, there are some unbelievably stupid people who think that existence of gay marriage will make their kids turn gay. I'm still waiting to here from one of these unbelievably stupid people as to how this works, exactly. If one of these unbelievably stupid people went to a gay wedding themselves, would they then become gay?

But okay, let's answer the "what about the children" question. I have a son. Odds are, he's going to grow up to be straight. But there's a chance he might be gay. Whether or not Prop 8 passes will have zero influence on this. The only thing for Prop 8 to dictate would be--if he would turn out to be gay--that he's denied the right to marry whom he chooses.

The same goes for the children of jerks and unbelievably stupid people. There will be nothing positive at all that they will be doing for their kids by voting yes on 8. The only effect these voters will be having on their own children is that, for a small percentage of them, they will be denying their own children the right to marry the boy or girl of their dream.

So let me ask you. If you're a Californian who's planning to vote in favor of Proposition 8, which are you? Are you a jerk, or are you unbelievably stupid?

Do you hate people who are different from you so much that you'd deny them the same fundamental rights that you have--even though granting them those rights would have no negative impact on you or anyone else on the planet, and even if one of those people you hate winds up being your own son or daughter? Is the concept of freedom something that you can so quickly discard on a whim? Does your twisted sense of morality consist of arbitrarily persecuting other people simply for how they are born?

Or do you actually think that gays getting married will somehow turn your kids gay?

Because you're either one or the other. So pick one.

Of course, I might very well be wrong. You might very well be both.

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