Sunday, October 26, 2008

The sad joke continues

As if we needed any more evidence that Sarah Palin is a national joke, the VP candidate is now attacking Katie Couric for her own miserable interview performance. "I was kind of annoyed with the questions that I was being asked because I thought they were kind of irrelevant to, you know, national security issues and getting our economy back on track," Palin whined at a rally in Indiana, "so I kind of showed some of that annoyance."

But if Couric's questions about "about the economy and national security, focusing in particular on the congressional bailout package, the mortgage crisis, John McCain’s record on regulation, the war in Afghanistan, hunting terrorists in Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Syria, Israel and the role of the United States in the world" weren't relevant, what was the one question that actually was? "The one question that I answered that everyone could agree on," blathered Palin, "it maybe shows where my heart is… too is, she asked me this relevant question: What was my favorite movie? And I said 'Hoosiers!'"

Way to go, John McCain. While you claim "Country First" as your slogan, you've picked someone who thinks "what's your favorite movie" is the most pressing issue facing this country.

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